Our rooster welcomes visitors to the winery.
Our rooster welcomes visitors to the winery.

Lamb and Wine – a Great Combo

FALL:  Coming quickly. Lots of festivals to attend in September and October.  Check out the list. While Frank and I are manning those events Ronnie, Ed and Monica will be in the tasting room. Ronnie serves chocolate cupcakes on Saturdays. Lovely complement to the Blackberry wine. Happy to report that Hern’s Mill Red is on the shelves again. We will begin checking Ph and sugar content of our grapes; harvest is not far off.

COTSWOLD SHEEP PROJECT – IT CONTINUES:  Several years ago my husband bought some Cotswold Sheep. They are a rare and ancient breed brought by Romans at the time of Christ to England. These sheep gravitated to the Cotswold Hills in Wales and southwest England as they were the only breed to thrive in these harsh conditions. Greenbrier Cotswold is growing a flock of pure Cotswolds. At this time there are both pure Cotswold lamb and partial Cotswold lamb for sale. Ground lamb, chops and, my favorite, leg steaks are available. Call 304-667-8843 for prices. In addition, there is yarn (oh so soft) and pelts (makes a beautiful room accent) available.

WINE SPECIAL: Sweet Lucie is on sale. Three bottles for $20. That’s a great deal!

NEW WINES: Just as there are trends in fashion and colors, there are trends in wine preferences. Frank and I are seeing an increased call for very sweet wines i.e. Moscato. While we cannot grow that grape we can sweeten our wines to that degree. Thus, Sweet Charlotte, Sweet Lucie and Blueberry and Elderberry have been sweetened to meet the demand for sweet wines.

Check out www.WVFarm2U.org for more information about us. It’s a great site with stories about farmer’s markets, restaurants that serve local foods, wineries, people and generally interesting info.

The tasting room has available several gift items…insulated wine bags in lovely prints made by my sister in Alaska, useful kitchen towels, cocktail napkins, magnets and coasters.  The wine crackers we serve are also for sale. We can also do a gift basket for your holiday giving.

LIFE IS GOOD! See you at a festival or at the tasting room. Our wines are also available at retail outlets throughout West Virginia: Tamarack, Go-Mart, Kroger’s, Bella’s, Little General, Lewisburg Spirits and Wine, The Loft and more.  Inwood Farmer’s Market has a great selection of our wine and other wonderful and local food products and crafts.

  • Three Winners

    FL winners 2010_0_0

    2013 West Virginia Commercial Wine Competition: Gold - Greenbrier Red (Estated Bottled Wine); Bronze - 2010 Chambourcin; Gold - Calico White

    2012 West Virginia Commercial Wine Competition: Gold - Greenbrier White

  • Tasting Room Open


    Thursday, Friday & Saturday

    1 pm - 6 pm

    Or by chance or appointment. Best to call ahead in winter months.

    Three dollar charge includes tasting 10 wines & a souvenir wine glass.

  • Wines Currently Available

    White Greenbrier White - off-dry - $12*; Calico White - semi-sweet - $10*; Sweet Charlotte - sweet - $10.

    Red 2009 Chambourcin - dry - $12*; Greenbrier Red - off-dry - $12*; 2009; Hern's Mill Red - semi-sweet - $10; Calico Red - semi-sweet - $10*; Sweet Lucie - sweet - $10

    Fruit Wines Elderberry - $10*; Blackberry - $12*; Blueberry - $12;


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